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Each year, thousands of people lose their loved ones and family members because of semi-truck accidents. Mostly, the victims are the ones traveling in the passenger vehicles, which are not well-equipped to bear the collision with such a large vehicle. There are a number of reasons that lead to semi-truck accidents. Often, these truck accidents lead to devastating situations for the victims. In the aftermath of such collisions, you can seek the assistance of our expert semi-truck accident attorneys in Pearland at Frekhtman & Yusuf. An experienced lawyer in the field will help you obtain fair compensation for all your loss. However, if you or anyone you know have suffered injuries or loss during such accidents, you need to know the common causes of semi-truck accidents. This will help you to learn the main culprit and you can procure your compensation from the same.

The following are some of the top causes of semi-truck accidents.

Tired driver – The National Highway Safety Administration has given notice to the public about how serious accidents can take place if the driver is tired, especially truck drivers. When it comes to truck drivers, they usually drive thousands of miles or more for several days. Moreover, most of the truck drivers get paid based on the number of miles they drive. So, most of the truck drivers have the tendency to drive more distances in lesser a number of the hours. Although, federal regulations have allowed the number of hours a driver should drive in a day and when and for how long they should take breaks, the driver fatigue has been the most common causes for semi-truck accidents.

Inappropriate loading – At times, inappropriate loading could become one of the reasons for the semi-truck accidents. People may want to quickly load the truck so that the driver can arrive at their next destination in time. Mostly inexperienced packers don’t understand the importance of properly distribution of the weight in the carrier. Such negligences can lead to semi-truck accidents. If these mistakes are the cause for your serious injuries, then you entitled to obtain the compensation by hiring semi-truck accident attorneys in Pearland.

Poor maintenance – The National Highway Safety Administration also require companies or divers to properly maintain their semi-trucks. Usually, poorly maintained vehicle components and parts can result in devastating accidents, such as tires that are too warm, failing braking system, malfunctioning engine and unsafe trailers.

Inexperienced driver – Another common cause of semi-truck accidents is an inexperienced driver or under-trained driver. Sometimes, trucking companies sponsor new drivers in completing their trucking courses and immediately give them very large and dangerous vehicles to handle. And, these drivers may not be familiar with this type of truck, leading to serious accidents on the road.

Distracted driving – Distracted driving is one of the common causes of semi-truck accidents on the road. Usually, the potential consequence of distracted driving is more in cases involving semi-trucks. Distraction is when drivers are operating a vehicle but their vision, concentration or hands are away from the task of driving and using a cell phone while driving is the most common distraction. Other reasons for driver distraction include eating, using a GPS system, fiddling with the radio, drinking, talking to fellow passengers or other activities that cause a distraction.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries from in a semi-truck accident, get in touch with our experienced semi-truck accident attorneys in Pearland. We, at Frekhtman & Yusuf, offer the best assistance to individuals with an injury during a semi-truck accident.

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