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Spinal Fusion / Laminectomy / Discectomy

Texas Spinal Fusion / Laminectomy / Discectomy Attorneys

If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in spinal fusion injury, the injury and the necessary treatment can be confusing. What rights and compensation you are entitled to can also be confusing. In such scenariors, you need the advice and counsel of an expert Texas Spinal Fusion attorney who has experience in dealing with spinal injuries and can aggressively fight against the insurance companies.

At Frekhtman & Yusuf our attorneys have the experience and a successful track record of winning claims for clients who have had back surgery and injuries. We strive to help our clients get maximum compensation for the sufferings that have experienced due to the injury.

We represent clients for different types of back injuries.

Below are some of the common types of back surgeries

Spinal Fusion - Spinal fusion is s serious back surgery often performed in severe cases. In this surgery, doctors connects two or more vertebrates to relieve the back pain

Discectomy - Discectomy is a surgical treatment to alleviate the back pain. In this surgery, the doctors remove a portion of damaged disc or herniated disc material that presses on a nerve root of the spinal cord. In certain cases, artificial disc is also inserted.

Laminectomy - Laminectomy is a surgery carried out to relieve pressure on spinal cord caused by age related changes in the spine. During this surgery, the doctors remove a portion of the vertebral bone called the lamina. This surgery may or may not require the disc to be removed.

Foramenotomy – Foramenotomy is a surgery used to relieve pressure on a nerve which is caused due to more than herniated disc. A foramenotomy removes the portion of bone and tissue that may be pressing the nerve.

The prospect of going through the back surgery is scary. Often with a successful back surgery, you may be left with certain limitations that can affect your daily activities. You are entitled for compensation under the law if you had to undergo back surgery because of other party’s fault.

Why should you hire our Texas spinal fusion attorneys?

If you have sustained a serious back injury in a vehicle accident or accident at the job, our attorneys can help you recover complete compensation for your injuries. We work on contingency basis, which means we only charge fees for our services after winning the compensation for you. Call us at: (877) 425-2993 to book a free consultation with our Texas Spinal Fusion / Laminectomy / Discectomy Attorneys.

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