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18 Wheeler Accidents

Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Further, if any of your family members was killed in the accident, you may be able to obtain compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

At Frekhtman & Yusuf, our 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys have years of experience representing clients across Texas. We understand accident involving 18 wheelers require a different approach to investigating and proving driver and driving company guilty for the accident, in comparison to smaller vehicle accidents. We are familiar with the complex nature of truck accidents and are ready to aggressively fight for your rights.

Causes of 18 wheeler accidents

Accidents involving 18 wheeler can occur under a variety of circumstances including-

  • Left Turns
  • Halt Trucks
  • Cargo shifts
  • Rear end collisions
  • Under rides
  • What you need to do after an 18 wheeler accident?

    When you are hit by an 18 wheeler, often it is difficult to know what you should do to protect yourself and your family.

    Seek medical treatment- Commercial vehicle accidents usually involve some form of injury. Even a lower speed accident can have devastating consequences. There can be a number of unknown injuries such as head injury, spinal cord injury, which can be extremely serious. One of the biggest mistakes that people often make is avoid going to the doctor. The longer you delay the medical care, the more difficult it gets for the attorney to recover maximum compensation for you.

    Preserve important evidence- Make sure after a truck wreck, you preserve the important evidences including damage to the vehicle, skid marks on the road, etc. Document the scene in the form of pictures if possible because the trucking company will hire an accident reconstruction expert to put the blame on innocent victims.Documenting the scene will be a strong defense technique.

    Contact an experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney- There are numerous laws that govern all drivers and automobiles, but trucking companies have complex regulations. You would need an expert attorney who has clear understanding of these law regulations and can help you get maximum compensation.

    Why hire Texas 18 wheeler accident lawyers at Frekhtman & Yusuf?

    At Frekhtman & Yusuf, we have an expert team of investigators who will visit the truck accident site and address all the important issues for creating a strong case. Our expert Texas 18 wheeler accident attorneys will hold the insurance company, the truck driver, the trucking company and other party responsible for your losses. Whether you have suffered from life threatening injuries or lost a family member in the accident, our attorneys are there to help you.

    We work on contingency basis and only charge after we win the case for you. To book a free consultation with our experienced Texas 18 wheeler accident attorney, call: (877) 425-2993.

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