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When something like an accident happens, one of the most natural responses we have is saying sorry. It is something that a person says even when they are not at fault and just being nice. While, saying sorry is part of necessary social niceties, it can become a huge problem when it is said after a vehicle accident. The first thing our vehicle accident attorneys in Houston tells clients is never to say sorry or apologize. It is because saying sorry can negatively affect the outcome of your personal injury case.

At Frekhtman & Yusuf, we have seen numerous vehicle accident cases where a sorry has affected the outcome of the case. It is the most common mistakes that is made by the victim. This mistake can complicate the compensation. Thus, the first thing that our vehicle accident attorneys in Houston urge to the clients is to make sure not to apologize and not to discuss the case with any third party.

Acceptance of fault
Many people say sorry after the vehicle accident as they feel that they actually caused the accident. However, the drivers do not know whether it was them or someone else who caused the accident. Even if the victim feels that they have caused the accidents, there are numerous circumstances that they do not know. The other driver could be intoxicated, distracted or even using their phones. Never accept your fault unless you know every fact.

Apologizing or saying sorry as mentioned before is a reflex action. While you might just say it as instinctively, it can be interpreted as an apology. When you are speaking to the law enforcement, the other driver or any third party, your saying sorry puts you at a risk. Everyone who hears you apologize might think that you are at fault. Misrepresentation of the reflex action can make getting compensation tough.

Insurance company tactics
One of the most crucial resident to avoid apologizing after a vehicle accident is because of the information that is provided to the insurance providers. A sorry is the firepower that insurance company requires. They can deny, dispute and underpay the personal claim based on a single apology. The insurance companies will show in the evidence that you have apologized and will put you at fault.

Focus on the important things
For you the apology might look as the perfect act of kindness but remember it won’t help anyone. Rather than apologizing, ask is everyone is ok or do they need anything. It is important that you call for emergency medical assistance. Take your time, exchange the information such as license plate numbers, driver’s licenses, phone number and insurance information. This will make sure that you haven’t apologized and cannot be put at fault.

Our attorneys at Frekhtman & Yusuf advise this to help clients whenever the unexpected happens. Even when you said sorry or unknowingly apologized, you still have the right to file for the claim. Our vehicle accident attorneys in Houston work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve. We work on a contingency fee basis – which means we do not charge for our services until there is a successful outcome. We can provide you a free consultation at anytime. You can call our vehicle attorneys at: (877) 425-2993 and book a free consultation.

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