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One of the most painful injuries are the burn injuries. The burns are not only extremely painful and take years to heal but often lead to disfigurement and affect the mental well being of a patient. The injuries also lead to the nerve damage, sweat glands damage, sebaceous glands damage and more. There are other numerous accidents such as explosions, car accidents, electrical malfunction and more in which burns are a “side effect”. As one of the leading burn injury lawyer in Texas, there are numerous things that people need to know about the burn injuries.

Burns disproportionately affect children
In about 30 percent of the fire cases, burns are the biggest underlying problem. This is a big problem for children as the burns cause about 500 deaths per year with 40,00 children injured. Thus, our experts advise to keep children away from any appliance such as ovens, stoves, irons and matches more.

Burn can cause Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD)
Unlike what numerous people believe, the burns can cause mental distress for the victim and lead to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). The PTSD from the accidents and the pain of the burn injuries lead to emotional trauma. It can take years to recover. The treatment for the PTSD includes full fledged therapy and in the severe cases strong medications to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

Burn victims have an increased risk of infection
The burn injuries damage at least one layer of the skin. This means that any bacteria, virus or germs in the environment can easily get in the blood and cause infection. The medical experts work to make sure that the burn victim is kept in a clean place and the wound in regularly cleaned. More than often, the doctors and nurses have stopped the loved ones of the patients not to bring anything from outside as it increases the risk of infection and can lead to the complications.

The victims of burn injuries require extra care and unwavering attention during healing process
Healing from the burn injuries is not easy. The victim needs undivided attention to fully recover from the injuries. The wound dressing needs to be regularly changed which is quite painful for the victim. The damaged tissues near the burned area need to be removed which leaves the underlying tissue exposed. The burn victims are not able to live normal life for quite a sometime and they are dependent on their family and friends to take care of them. In the serious cases burns along with other serious injuries can affect the victim for the rest of their lives.

Burn injuries can result from more than just fires
As mentioned above the burn injuries are not only due to the fires. They can also be result of the accidents such as explosions, electrical shocks, hot liquids, chemical reaction and more. Fire is just one of the most common reasons of a burn injury. Our expert burn injury attorneys are well versed in the laws and make sure that the burn injuries that happened due to someone else’s negligence can be compensated.

If you have suffered from the burn injuries due to the negligence of anyone else and want the compensation you deserve, you should pursue a personal injury case. Contact our expert burn injury lawyer in Texas today! At Frekhtman and Yusuf, we make sure that our clients get the justice they deserve. We also work on contingency basis. Call us at 713-588-6888 for free consultation.

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